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We are a company committed to the development of technology and simulation solutions in the aerospace area. 

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Our company

We have extensive experience in the manufacture, modernization, and maintenance of simulators, flight operations quality assurance devices, advanced visual systems, interdisciplinary groups for research and development, custom software development, design, and manufacture of electrical and electronic systems, among others.

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To contribute to the growth and continuous improvement of our client’s processes and procedures through research, development, and innovation.

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Palcort Tech S.A.S. will be positioned by 2024 as the leading company in Latin America in the development of advanced engineering projects, innovation, implementation and updating of state-of-the-art technologies in the Aerospace sector as a new player in the international market.

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  • Loyalty: From our collaborators to PALCORT TECH and thus from PALCORT TECH to our customers.

  • Commitment: We optimize the resources of our customers to meet their needs or requirements.

  • Respect: We evoke the highest degree of responsibility to each of our employees, for the activity to be performed and thus, materialize it in the product or service that our customers expect.

  • Participation: We propose the appropriate communication channels through which our employees and customers interact in such a way that the result of what is expected is the product or service in compliance.
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  • The end customer experience
    To guarantee that our customers receive from the company what they really demand, with good price, good service, punctuality, and quality.
  • Innovation
    To carry out constant innovation and research for the design, development, and manufacture of innovative technological products, which will be environmentally friendly and favorable to our customers.
  • Continuous improvement
    To continuously review the processes carried out in the company to analyze them and improve in the following aspects:
    • Reduction of production costs.
    • Reduction of the execution time of the activities.
  • Increased team performance
    • Increased productivity
    • Increased efficiency in results
    • Better quality products and services
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